Braidwood Community Bank Billy Cart Derby

Braidwood Billycart Derby 2011




The brisk morning air last Sunday did nothing to dampen the enthusiastic competitors as they unloaded their much loved machines in readiness for the annual Braidwood Community Bank Billycart Derby.

They all bravely battled their way through the rigours of scrutineering before jockeying for positions in quite a busy pit lane. The veterans strutted confidently basking in glories of efforts of earlier years while the new comers starred in awe at the challenging course and the amazing array of machines while exploring the contents of their showbags and savouring the treats from the Boiled Lolly.

Tim Overall opened proceedings (without really committing to having his own cart next year…) and then Nick Tiesdale’s beautiful rendition of our national anthem echoed down the slopes of Gillamatong.

The large body of supporters and spectators settled in on the fringes and then it was all systems go for the 2017 Braidwood Community Bank Billycart Derby.

Our Parade of Traditional Carts was a great success with quite a number of carts from yesteryear proudly showing off their capacities.

The competition got underway with the Under 8’s setting a very high standard of skill, and sportsmanship  –  it was very clear that all of these youngsters were having the time of their lives. The program then worked through the various categories providing the noisy spectators with some exciting racing – our numbers man is of the strong belief that the crowd actually numbered many, many thousands………

All races were held in great spirit and it was delightful seeing the youngsters in particular raising to the challenge of competition.

Piggy and Leo the Lion spent a lot of time competing for the kids attention…..

A highlight was the sight of one of the Clarke brothers, who must have escaped from the re-enachment last weekend, being chased by one of the policemen! They had swapped their horses for billycarts and showed fine skills racing down the course.  Significantly, the Clarke brother did not stop to help or give advice to the policeman hiding in the scrub operating the radar gun. ….

Frances did a fantastic job at the face painting tent.  She did however knock back a couple of Lions Club members who lined up as she thought the task too challenging.

Braidwood Lions Club members want to thank all those volunteers who in good Braidwood tradition helped out on the day (you guys know who you are) and of course thanks to all sponsors.

Now, go away and lock in the first Sunday of May next year for this great community event !

The winners

Under 8’s

1st Charlotte Sarina   2nd  Oliver Remollino , Local rider bonus ; Oliver Remollino

8-11 Years

1st  Lucas Jeffries , 2nd   Hayley-Jane Fuller, Local Rider Bonus  Annebel Clarke

12-15 Years

1st    Hayden Douglas, 2nd    Lawson Harris,


1st   Danielle Clarke, 2nd    Madeline Clarke , Local Rider Bonus,  Danielle Clarke


1st   John Abela, 2nd       Craig Jeffries , Local Rider Bonus Annebel Clarke

Winner of the BMX bike was Mai-Belle Riley Tyler.

Congratulations to ALL winners and thanks to everyone for your support.

See you all in 2018

Laurie Ffrench