Billy Cart dimensions and Specifications

Billy Cart Dimensions (for age group categories)

  • Overall length of cart not to exceed 2 metres
  • Overall width to be between 400mm and 1.2metres
  • Must have 2 axles, minimum spacing 400mm
  • Must have 4 pneumatic or solid tyre wheels no larger than 315mm diameter
  • Maximum weight (without driver) 70kg
  • The same cart can only be used by one driver in each category
    • Traditional Carts for Parade must conform with age group dimensions and specifications and have rope steering
    • Traditional Carts can race in age group categories.

Billy Cart Dimensions for other categories (Open, Powder Puff Sprint)

  • Must have 4 wheels
  • Must not exceed 70kg (without driver)
  • The same cart can only be used by one driver in each category
  • Billy carts used in age group categories can be used in Open and Powder Puff sprint
  • Traditonal Carts can race inOpen and Powder Puff sprint

Billy Cart Specifications

  • The billy cart must have an adequate steering mechanism
  • The billy cart must have a working brake – not your foot on the road or wheel!
  • The wheels are to be retained in a safe manner. Three (3) wheeler billy carts are not permitted
  • There must be sturdy construction of all billy cart components, and fixed seating
  • Billy carts made from unduly heavy materials or carrying additional ballast are not be permitted
  • There shall be no sharp protrusions or ornaments
  • There shall be no device to aid starting or to help propel the cart. Gravity is your only ally
  • NO motors, sails, pedals, paddles, or any other propulsion device are allowed

Driver Requirements

  • An approved Cycling  or Equestrian helmet MUST BE WORN
  • It is strongly recommended that drivers also wear  Knee/elbow pads, Long sleeved shirt or jumper, Long pants, Boots or shoes (No thongs, sandals, or bare feet)
  • Each driver must be able to control the steering and brakes
  • The same cart can only be used by one driver in each category