Traditional carts parade

A parade of “Traditional” carts will be held at the start of the program.

“Traditional” carts genuinely add to the spectacle of the day yet often prove not as competitive during actual racing.

While still very much encouraging the traditional carts to race in the various categories Braidwood Lions would like to  give the drivers and builders the opportunity  to demonstrate their enterprise and design skills in a parade.

To participate in this parade carts will need to satisfy the basic safety conditions of having a seat and an operating brake system and conform to specifications applying to Age Group categories- specifically wheel size ie maximum 315 mm outside diameter.

However, they must  feature rope steering only – no handle bars or steering wheels.

The parade will not be a race and  will not involve use of the ramp.

Parents supporters will be encouraged to help push the carts down the track for the duration of the parade (about 150 metres).

This would provide parents  an opportunity if they want  to allow the very young to actively participate in the day under their supervision.

There will be no fee to enter this parade.

There will be a prize for best traditional cart.

After the parade parents- supporters will return the carts immediately to the top of the course where the race program will begin.


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